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Swimheadz provides performance and competition swimwear to help swimmers in their relentless pursuit of swimming betterment! From kneeskins and jammers to swimming equipment – Swimheadz has just the thing for you!

We trade with passion for all things swimming and have a first class knowledge of aquatic sport. You’ll find that this extensive knowledge runs through the whole team and is freely shared with those who shop with us, enabling us to source the best products from around the world to support you in your sport. As a result we offer an unrivalled product selection from the world’s leading swim brands, including Speedo, Arena, Yingfa, Finis,Way Funky and many others. This, coupled with great prices and a second-to-none customer service ethos, makes Swimheadz the best place to buy your swimwear and accessories.

We’re not just a web-based retailer. We’re a company that spends its life in the company of swimmers, be they active leisure, open water, triathlete or club swimmers.